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I already mentioned the video from Mark Seeman about Functional Architecture. I proposed sessions on this subject at SocratesCH to discuss and to understand it better. My understanding is still far from perfect, and in this blog post, I would like to give some feedbacks on experiments I have done with an OOP language, sketching hexagonal architecture implementations, before switching to functional implementation.

In september 2015, I tried a refactoring kata to practice my F# skills. In this attemp, I focused on immutability and pure functions, keeping in mind what I know about refactoring in other language.

Then, in november 2016, I assisted to the refactoring workshop from Michael Feather at BuildStuff. And talk a bit with him about the idea of identifying functional code smells and refactoring patterns.

So I like to start to write a bit on this subject, from my humble newbie perspective :).

I had two blogs in the past, the first one in English on Blogspot and then when I created DevCrafting company, I created a new site only in French with Office 365 (SharePoint).

I never managed to keep writing new posts, for several reasons, mostly bad ones probably, but I would like to give another try with another approach. I want to talk about that as a feedback.

Also, I would like to be able to write sometimes in English, sometimes in French depending on the subject.

And last, I like the idea of FsBlog and since it did not support all I wanted to do, I decided to play with F# on my own and to create my website and blog with F# as Tomas Petricek did.