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I'd like to give my point of view about the subject of communication mediums in general, It is just a first try on this subject. I will dig communication mediums in enterprise through communication tooling. The goal of this post is to analyse which communication medium should be used for which purpose.

This post is quite general and focused on concepts (even if I am not an expert in the field), I will publish an example of what I mean with an example around tools that can implement what I explain in this post.

Note : I do not talk about how people can change communication according to their behaviour, which is more psychology, I just talk about means, even it is sure that the way you communicate is also an important subject.

I think communication as the main factor of success in any project in general, because a project is rarely a personal one but the one of a community in general (which could be a couple, a team, a service, a department, an enterprise, and so on...). Good communication leads to more efficiency and comprehension.